Young boy playing with a wooden toy train set from Brilliant Sky Toys & Books, a franchise toy store.

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books

Find your way to play

Step into Brilliant Sky Toys & Books and discover something different. Discover a retail experience unlike any other, with a focus on enrichment, enlightenment, and enjoyment. Explore an unparalleled spectrum of the finest, most developmentally sound playthings that the world has to offer. Interact with people whose sole mission is not just to satisfy our customers, but delight them. Enjoy our passion for play, our commitment to fun, and our dedication to helping every visitor find their way to play.

Discover, experience, explore, interact, and enjoy. That's the Brilliant Sky way, and it's the way to play.

Wall mural of a treehouse surrounded by educational toys, books and more inside one of the many franchise toy stores under the Brilliant Sky Books & Toys name.

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books


At Brilliant Sky Toys & Books, we're your play experts. Consider any of our Associates as your personal Play Consultant, dedicated to helping you make the most convenient, most informed, and most successful buying decision. There are almost as many toy buying occasions as there are toys, and we're prepared and committed to assist you no matter what the occasion, need, or special circumstance. Our mission is to be the store where every child can find a toy to cherish. We do everything we can to make that a reality.

Learning puzzles like the brightly colored wooden alphabet letters on wheels from the franchise toy store Brilliant Sky Toys & Books make the perfect name builder for young children learning to read.

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books


Play is about more than “toys”. It's about games, puzzles, dolls, crafts, experiments, puppets, books, construction, magic, dress-up, kites, trains, role-play, plush, ride-ons, musical instruments, and much, much more. Beginning to get the picture? At Brilliant Sky Toys & Books the breadth of our selection is simply unmatched. We have, literally, several thousand of the world's finest playthings, all assembled in one easy-to-explore atmosphere. What's more, we have access to thousands more. We've put in the time and done the homework to establish partnerships with over six hundred toy manufacturers from around the world, and we're confident we can find what you're looking for.

Young girl using quality colored pencils for creating her own special picture surrounded by all of the best educational books and toys for kids from any franchise toy store under the Brilliant Sky Toys & Books name.

Brilliant Sky Toys & Books


It's the first (and only) rule of success at anything. You've got to have passion. At Brilliant Sky Toys & Books, we don't just sell toys, we believe in them. We believe that the right playthings can teach, inform, enlighten, reinforce, incent, and enrich. We believe how they can foster self-esteem, non-violence, patience, sensitivity, diversity, and tenacity. We live it and breathe it and experience it every day, and we love nothing more than to share it with you. Come experience the passion of play at Brilliant Sky Toys & Books.


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ALEX's mission is to provide children with quality creative products that foster personal expression and build self-esteem. The best children's activities provide lots of fun and they open a child's mind to new skills, new ideas and new worlds.

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